Nice guitar harmony in the intro! I Like the riff at 0:20. Had me headbanging right away!
Not the bigggest fan of the vocals, but that its more a personal issue i think. They fit this kind of music well. I like the guitar harmonies throughout the song.
Cool synth part at 2:10. A epic guitar solo around this point would really fit this song well. Maybe with some harmonies.
All in all, good job man!

Wanna check out mine?

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Yea the intro melody man good job with coming up with that love that. I hate comparing peoples work to others work from the past but I have to here haha. The instruments sound like something from way back in the day that old In Flames would come up with it's nice sounding melodic death metal. The vocals honestly sound like Underoath from back in the day to me too haha I love it though. So emo vocals with melodeth instrumentation awesome job man it all sounds great. The production sounds nice too. But yea come on this is metal add a guitar solo in this shit expand on that great melody going on throughout the song, doesn't have to be technical whatsoever start it around when that synth comes in. But it is your music it doesn't need one I guess .
Yeah I wanted to keep it straight forward and just have that bridge instrumental without making it to crazy I felt like maybe I should put in a solo but ultimately decided not to I appreciate the feedback I'll get to your song today! Mrmo