this is my first post here. I'm looking for a little help on what/how to negotiate a price for a "new" guitar that has two distinct dents/blemishes?

I say "new" as the guitar is listed as new but actually was returned after a couple weeks where it sustained two obvious and what I call "significant" nicks/dents. The guitar is a Fender "custom guitar" so it's not cheap. What is kind of a ball park % to take off the price of such a guitar? How exactly do nicks in the finish affect the price as a rule? Otherwise the guitar itself is very good. No buzzing or problems with the electronics.

I'm supposed to call the store manager tomorrow and am looking for some help/advice as to what a reasonable % would be to ask for a discount on the price? I realize there can be lots of variables but what is generally acceptable or reasonable to ask %-wise off for such a guitar? 50%? 40? 30? I want to get what I can but I don't want to come across as totally unreasonable or out of the ball park as it were?

Any help would be appreciated!
If they are just small flaws, nothing noticeable except under scrutiny, I would say 10-15%. Big, noticeable bits, 20-25%. This IS presuming the guitar not only "sounds" right but plays right as well. With blemishes like that it likely underwent some physical trauma and the action/playabillity may suffer some.
Significant dings and dents... 25% off
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if it was sold and returned, i wouldn't consider it new. that would be 'b-stock' or 'repackaged' 'restock' or something.

if we knew more about the guitar that would help.

if we don't know the model, and what it sells for and more details, what the damage is its hard to help.

i guess if you are set on 'that' guitar, i would pay as much as it is worth to you as it sits. if it was 'the one' i am not sure a couple of dings would deter me. guitars get played. having said that, if there is another one down the block, i would go for that. if you are just looking at it because its cheaper than a new one, that changes things up too.

i would start at 20% off.

where are you located? that effects things too.
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20% off without seeing the dings. It is a return, not "new" and damaged. If they won't sell it at 20% off, look for another guitar.
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It could be different in the US, but the store where I go tends to give 7-10% on any occasion as it is, even for pristine stuff. That in mind, if something I wanted had damage done to it, they'd either have marked it down themselves or I'd expect at least 20% off the original price.

Happened once, with a guitar that I eventually didn't buy. Serial number wasn't stamped in well (couldn't even make out what it was) and it had some other small issues (finish wasn't great and it had a dent or 2). They did 25% off the price IIRC.
I'd pretty much agree with what most of the regulars are saying- 20-25% or I wouldn't be interested at all. And depending on exactly how serious the dings are I still may not be even with that saving- i may well prefer to pay full price to get one in perfect condition, you aren't saving anything if you're never happy with it.

I remember a shop here had a guitar which a staff member had knocked off its stand, and it sustained a pretty obvious ding right on the front of the guitar. It was a pretty expensive guitar too, with a fancy maple top- the kind of guitar where a ding on the front would make it a lot less attractive to a prospective buyer (whereas it likely wouldn't have the same effect on a relic or similar), and they were offering 10% off and acting like I was getting a killer deal. Needless to say, I passed- as I K0nijn I said, unless the price in the shop was already a really good deal (and it wasn't) I'd expect to get roughly 10% off a non-damaged model in perfect, genuinely-new condition.
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