I was invited to write a guitar layer to this epic track go listen to the shitty phone demo of it!
Here's my original album demo:
And these are some of my best quality material considering recording quality, accuracy, and overall feel of the song:

Whats up everyone!

By all means I consider myself a beginner. I have been playing guitar for 6 years now and took a couple classes along the way, but at some point making music became my life. There is nothing I love more than pouring myself into making music on the guitar that I think sounds cool. Off the top of my head I have 25 songs written, some even have a second guitar as well. I have some friends I jam with but this is all self created and has nothing other than just a single guitar for each song, with the exception of a few that have a second one as well as I stated.

My goal is to be the head of my own project. I want it to be serious if possible, I would have the same creative control as I have had on my own all this time. I write the songs on my guitar, hand it off to you and let you do absolutely whatever you want with it. I will allow you the same freedom that I ask, and am REALLY excited to hear what anyone could possibly come up with! Whether you are a singer, drummer, bassist, pianist, WHATEVER I want nothing more than for you to take what I give you and write your own piece to compliment it. That being said, I am open to criticism as should you be. I will not change anything unless I want to after your suggestion, and certainly I will take your thoughts and opinions seriously and consider them anytime you may have them!

About me: I am 22. Been playing guitar 6 years. Definitely a beginner, on average I can play my songs with 90% accuracy with my worst runs being like 75%. I write things that are a lot harder than I can play sometimes and love to push myself. I practice at least 2 hours a day and will work tirelessly to make the best music possible. I love to play things that are entirely melodic and usually energetic. I have no genre, I just do what I want all the time to achieve my goals and I have never limited myself. I have a really long way to go, and this may be a great way to help me get even further. I love all sweet guitar music and anything that sounds cool. Honestly most modern music is shit and I am quite adamant about that

Please send me replies! I am interested in everyone! It will be quite intimidating if someone higher level is interested in working with me, but I am confident in that being a good experience for me. I have some raw phone recordings that actually are quite audible to listen to that I can send you immediately to determine your interest in working with me. I do have a better way to record my audio but it is more time consuming and I honestly dont see the reason to because you can hear these much better than you may expect, and we can record better samples when things get serious.

Looking forward to your responses!
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Dude your style sounds amazing. I recommend getting better recording equipment and recording some high def stuff. I live outside cincy. I'm nowhere near your guitar experience level though. Keep jamming!!
Hey what's up man...this stuff sounds pretty good. Sounds like you can come up with musical ideas pretty easily.

I play guitar and a little bass and have been looking for people to jam with, but I'm in Dayton. It's hard to find people around here with similar musical tastes. I'm at the point where I'm just starting to record some ideas but I don't have much done yet besides a few original riffs and some covers. If you want to try and work on some stuff or jam just let me know.
spdonalds311 Thanks a lot bro! https://soundcloud.com/austin-bartle/ghost-ghost-ghost-pocket-pebbles-demo?in=austin-bartle/sets/personal-faves please go listen to that an amazing artist invited me to add a layer of guitar to his epic track and I have never had the chance to be a part of a full band sound before haha. I was so excited i finished before he sent me the track so all I have is that shitty phone demo but still it was so fun so we will see what he thinks of it.

Anyways anyway AT ALL that you can send me any material the go ahead! I am more than willing to see about collabs dude, and dayton isn't too far from me like 45min so no big deal! I am always down to jam and write music. I am focused on my material right now but as you can see by the link I just gave you I absolutely do other work than my own as well!

Thanks a ton for the response and support!
spdonalds311 btw I don't really do any covers so I am really only interested in your original stuff! Doesn't matter if they are just single riffs or full songs we can still find shit to do
That's awesome man, you're getting some of your stuff out there which should help a lot. Never heard of that band but they sound pretty good, kinda like Fall of Troy a little bit.

I'll search around for what I got so far and see if I can upload it.