Hey guys,

So I need to record some bass tracks at home for an EP that one of my bands is working on.

What I want to do is split the signal coming from my bass with one going directly into my interface (Tascam US2000) and the other going into a preamp before going into another channel on the interface. That way our engineer will have the basic tone to work with if he doesn't like the tone from the preamp pedal.

Since this project is deliberately super DIY, I don't have access to our usual studio equipement. I don't mind buying something but I know it won't be serving a whole lot after this so I'd rather purchase something unexpensive.

Would something basic like this work?

I know it would need to be longer but I mean the basic concept...

I'm not using any stereo effects and obviously my bass is mono so while the input is stereo, it doesn't matter that the two outputs are mono as long as it's feeding the signal to both outputs and not only one.

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The easiest and probably best way to do this is with a DI box with a "through" output. Get a good di like a Radial JDI.

Bass ->di box mic level output ->mic pre
"Thru" output of di box->bass preamp->instrument in.
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oneblackened's suggestion is probably the best route for what you want to get,although it might be argued that you could just record direct and reamp later if needed, probably with some in the box solutions, like say Amplitube's Ampeq patches.