I just got this neat Kustom 12 Gauge Amp from a Goodwill thrift store discounted to $25 USD but there is a problem with it.
When I first plugged it in, it didn't turn on, so I replaced the fuse, it worked for about 2-5 seconds (light came on) then it turned off again. Another blown fuse.

I was wondering how to fix this problem? I hope it isn't too series.

I do work at a guitar shop that does repairs, so I do have access to nice equipment for free to help repair this.
There is almost no possible way to diagnose this from the little bit of data you've given us.

IIRC, that amp is a solid state unit and I'd guess that unless there's something else obviously burnt on the circuit board it's either a power supply issue or the power amp chip.

Easy to troubleshoot if you know what you're doing, nearly impossible if you don't.
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I did. There were two fuses in the holder. both were alike. Unless the original one was the wrong one.
if you are blowing multiple fuses, something is wrong other than the fuse. fuses blow for a reason. i don't know anything about that amp though.
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