Hello, I'm from Brazil looking for people to collaborate in making music (something like an online band). I'm an amateur, rhythm guitarist with thrash metal influences. I'm mainly looking for a vocalist, but would also like to find other instrumentists. Here's some songs that I made. Not great quality, as I recorded it in my bedroom, I think it could be much better in a studio with pro equipment.


Mister Revenant Hey man, any help would be very welcome. My e-mail is vitor_cot@hotmail.com . If you want my help with any song that you have or if you want to do something over these songs of mine, it will be very nice. Let's keep in touch.
Hey man, this is killer stuff! I would love to collaborate with you! I live in the US but would love to put together an album. I meddle around with drums and bass but mainly play guitar. Ive got some recording equipment but nothing too insane. If you want to put some songs together PM me and we can Skype or something and talk about it!