I searched ug for the proper size of the hex key used to adjust a washburn bridge height and came up with nothing. Just for the record, i found a 1.5mm hex key or allen wrench that fits the screws that adjust the saddles up and down. If anyone else would like to add some numbers to this thread please do. What size hex does it take to adjust a fender, or any other guitar? This is really good information to have.
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It varies, even among manufacturers. There's almost no point trying to keep track, IMO. A set of hex keys in metric and imperial is like ten bucks and then you never have to wonder if you have the right one. Plus then you can adjust truss rods and arm tension screws and all the other stuff that often has hex screws.
get a set of allen keys.

or go to a guitar store and ask if they will have the right one and maybe sell it to you for a buck or two (maybe free).
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