Track Link - https://www.tunebula.com/jdambrose/down-in-darkness-too

Track Notes - Returning to my blues roots and writing rock band arrangements this is the first of many original new tracks I'll be posting in this style as I get a new band together.

C4C - I provide strong crits with a background as a guitar player, midi programmer, and a singer-songwriter with 6 years of recording history, even if I forget this thread for like a year I'll come back at some point and return the favor.
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Great work keep the rhythm tight, i liked it, some very cool parts - country break out
Cool guitar tone! Really dirty and gritty sounding. Cool riff as well.
The vocals are good. Nice harmonies! I really like the breakdown at 1:05. Reminds me of some 60's/70's classic rock.
The guitar solo is nice. Maybe you should turn down the rhythm-guitar in this part, to give the guitar solo a bit more room. Love the country-esque playing!
All in all, good job man. I really enjoyed that!

Wanna check out mine?
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