her name was crystal, but we called her critter cause she reminded us of a river otter

she was born in 2002 on the fourth of july under a wine & cheese deli in kitty hawk. she was a runt and her sisters were all very small too because their mother had an immunodeficiency that she passed onto her kittens. we adopted her and one of her sisters, but that sister died only 3 years later. critter had a stroke at age 6 that made it tough for her to live with the other cats, what with her being a runt and all, so we confined her to the master bedroom. she didn't mind cause it was a big room and anyway she wasn't interested in exploring after her stroke. she was content lounging and beating around little toy mice and rubbing against the legs of her visitors.

she started getting frail about a year ago. a few months ago she developed a limp. a few weeks ago she started laying in strange places and behaving oddly. three days ago she stopped eating. this morning we found her sick and confused, unwilling to move, so i took her in. my mother came, mostly to cry and reminisce to the vet. it must be hard having that job, i have a lot of respect for vets.

we buried her this afternoon under the dawn redwood next to the greyhounds. she was small in size, but in death i think she ought to have big company.

tell me about childhood pets that you miss. (gimme some gory details)
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im sorry to hear that

my two pets that had been with me most of my life died last year and it was probably two of the worst moments in my life. A cat and a dog, the dog (Gaia) had a tumor in her head so we knew it was coming, but my cat (Lucy) just started to feel weird and weak, the vets gave her some sedatives to calm her and she never really woke up, she died in my arms while I was waiting for a vet.
r.i p.

on the night before halloween, in a room full of gas fumes, my father fround briza.

late one night, by my fathers side, she released one last deep breath. moments later, the city received the biggest earthquake in a long time

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I'm sorry to hear that, easty.
I've lost 3 dogs & 6 cats in my short life, & it's never easy. :'(
My parents put down one of our two cats that we had while I was growing up. He was the older of the two, and we had him for longer, and his name was Tobias.

I picked him out as a kitten when I was in like 4th/5th grade from the shelter, because he was the most playful and liked to claw at my jeans. He was my first pet/animal friend.

I was 21 and cried when my parents called me like 5 years ago to tell me that they put him down
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sorry eastmans

i dont even remember my first dog, she wasnt really ours and then she died before i could start remembering things

then i had a snake but she was a snake so while her death kinda bummed me out...she was a snake

i still have my last old pupper

shes 11

im probably gonna have a hard time when she goes
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i wish i knew where my dog and cat were
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sorry bro my cat that I'd had since I was 5 years old passed away a few days after Christmas 2014 when I was a month shy of 22. Brought her home in my lap from a litter of barn kittens when she was maybe as big as a mouse. Super rough to lose a living thing that's been a part of your life for that long.
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Sorry to hear that.

I had to put my cat down last year. I had her for around 14 years, it wasn't easy. I've lost two pets when I was younger, but never had to watch one die. My dog only has a few years left in her, I'll be a wreck when she goes.
That's rough easty.

I had a cat named Whiskers when I was 7-8. Whiskers was a hellcat who would claw you for looking at her wrong. She got pregnant and had a litter of kittens on Mother's day 2001. She nursed the kittens for a couple of months then ran away and never came back. We gave away one of the kittens and my 2 brothers and I each got to keep one for ourselves. Even though their mother was only there for a couple of months, they all grew to be huge cats.

Mine died first. She looked just like her evil mother but was a sweet cat. She got hit by a car on the road behind our house. We buried her in the backyard and put a small stone where we buried her to mark the grave. My older brother's cat died next. It looked nothing like the mother but had the same rotten personality. He ate rat poison in my neighbor's backyard. We buried him next to his sister.

My younger brother's cat is still alive. He's 15 now. He still has a lot of energy and likes running around the neighborhood and climbing fences and hunting mice. I don't live at home anymore, so I know I won't be there to bury him too. At 15, I know he's only got a couple of years left. It's odd to think that cat has been a part of my life much longer than he wasn't. I don't really know what I'll do when he goes.
The worst thing I've ever had to deal with was putting my dogs down.

We had two, Oscar and Missy, that we got a few months apart when I was 10 or 11. The fluffiest, cutest, most playful things you could hope for. We were living in Australia when we got them and after 6 years or so we all decided to move back to the UK. This provided some problems for the dogs, as they needed a bunch of vaccinations and then had to stay in the country for six months before they could be cleared to move. That didn't fit our time scale but thankfully some friends of the family offered to have them during that time and then drop them off at the airport. But our lives were empty for the few months they were away.

Anyway, the time finally came for them to make their flight over here, and like people, they had to do a stopover in Singapore. Absolutely no big deal except that happened to be the weekend the Efdfjvn,jn;zkjasdfndfsdlkraxen volcano in Iceland decided to blow its load. Flights cancelled all over Europe, which had impacts that reached even our little puppers. So they were delayed in Singapore about a week, probably stuck in a cage and scared out of their minds, not knowing they were coming back to us. It's like something out of a Disney film I tell you.

They finally got back to us and we were a happy family again, but a couple years later Oscar started to become irritable and lethargic. He was pushing ten but up until that point hadn't showed any signs of slowing down. Then his eyes started getting cloudy, he kept bumping into things and constantly drinking water. Doctors told us it was diabetes. Between my dad and I (my mum and brother had moved out by that point) we managed it with insulin at set times of the day. That lasted a year, maybe 18 months were he was just becoming too aggressive, too lethargic, and pretty much blind from cataracts. So we made the decision that we wouldn't prolong his suffering anymore. I moved out of my dad's later that month. Tough time.

About a year later my dad went on holiday for a few weeks and asked me and my girlfriend to watch Missy. That was all good, but about halfway through the first week I noticed something weird. She'd no longer rush to greet us at the door, in fact she basically didn't move from a spot under the stairs, and wasn't eating. Took her to the vet and she said she suspected it was very advanced liver failure. My dad had given me no indication she was ill at all. So I was given the option of putting her into hospital overnight on a drip and seeing if there was any improvement, or having a last night together. I phoned my dad in Brazil and we both agreed the latter was the best option. I didn't go to say goodbye to Oscar properly, but Missy passed in my arms after an injection from the vet. It was absolutely heart-wrenching.

Sorry to hear about your cat Eastwinn, from the sounds of it she had a long and happy life though considering the setbacks she had to deal with.
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Fuck it now I'm crying

My deepest condolences to you eastwinn, and anyone else who has lost a pet.
I don't want to share anything about my pets (the whole 20-something best friends) because writing it out will make me seriously depressed for the next week so I won't do that
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idk i had a load of cats as a kid anyway we got these 2 brothers. i can't remember his name now (this was like 7 years ago now i guess) but he was black and basically one day he was fitting like crazy and sweating so much he was drenched. it was only me and my brother home and we were like lolwtf so we put him in a cage so he couldn't hurt himself too bad but then he fitted so hard he bust out the cage (lol).

so anyway me and my brother decide we might put it out of its misery so we put a towel over his head and might just stamp it in but then mum got home. turned out he had cancer or some shit and my bitch ass step dad at the time cried lol
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Sorry to hear dude

I had a dog called Donut when I was a kid. He was a Jack Russell cross Maltese, really cute fluffy thing. He got slow and got hit by a car when I was like, 12.

A random cat then appeared at our house one night, and we just called it Puss. Best cat I've ever met, he was so chill about everything and was happiest when you picked him up and stroked him, then he ran away. I was absolutely heartbroken.

We then had a dog named Wally that we rescued from the pound. He had an amazing personality and was just the funniest, most happy go lucky dog I've ever seen. That little dog had more energy in his left foot than I'll ever have, and he was a loyal friend. He started behaving a bit strangely about a year ago, so my Mum and Dad took him to the vet, and it turned out he was absolutely riddled with cancer. I wasn't living at home at the time, but I remember having a really teary phone call with my parents when they called to break the news.

I currently have my cat still. Her name is muffin, and she's pretty chill., She's 11 now though, so I'm conscious of the fact that she's getting a tad old, and I'm kinda worried how I'll cope when she's not around anymore, seeing as I've had her since I was about 13, and I freakin' love this cat.

I hate how pets have such short lifespans
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
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I only had bunnies and lovebirds as a kid. When I was eleven we had one bunny and one bird. A few weeks before my summer vacation, the bunny started acting weird during the middle of the night, and my brother and mom got up to take it to the vet. When they came back there was no more bunny.

Three days later, I walked into the kitchen (where we kept the bird), and I noticed it was lying on the ground with its eyes closed. "Mom? Mom? Mooooom!" "Yeah, what is it?" "I think the bird's dead" "That's not funny" "I know, but the bird's dead"
Ended up burying it in the garden myself. It was quite sad. I think it ended up being 14 years old or something.

We got two new birds later, but they were both total cocks
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We got two new birds later, but they were both total cocks

Should have made one of them a hen instead so you could have a steady supply of eggs
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Actually, jokes aside, they both laid eggs (so I'd assume they were girls), but they were constantly humping each other.

Lesbian birds
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hugs, bro.
My condolences 3 years ago I had to say goodbye to my dog, he was my best friend for 15 years, it was the most gut wrenching decision I ever had to make in my life.
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RIP Crystal/critter

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tell me about childhood pets that you miss. (gimme some gory details)

I had a cat called Chip that we got when I was a year old. Got put down when I was 18. He was absolutely massive and majestic and loved sitting on people's laps (if you so much as bent your knee slightly, he'd try to get on) and he'd try to eat anything that fell on the floor (including bits of tin foil). When he was old he got really skinny and weak and it was depressing seeing such a fine cat in that state. We got another cat after he died (we got a 2nd one when I was about 12 also) but I still miss old Chip sometimes because he was there for my entire childhood.
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