I have a question about Dean dime Razorback Lightning guitar. Has anyone experiences how it sounds? Has it active pickups? (style is hard rock &metal). thanks for answers!
I used to have a Dean Dime Razorback DM in metallic white with a tailpiece, the neck was nice no complaints about the fretwork fit and finish was good I liked that it has Grover tuners on it.

It had Dean passive pickups that were nothing to write home about on my Peavey 6505+ half stack they were not very crisp or clear fairly dirty sounding and all in all very underwhelming, the electronics were very cheap as well: pots, switch, jack and wiring all seemed very cheap it would have been a decent guitar with a complete electronic upgrade and better pickups I just didn't want to invest money into it that I would not be able to recover on resale.

Stock it would be a nice entry level guitar and would be good for hard rock/metal with a decent amp.
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