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Good Morning UG,

We wanted to drop in and say hello and share some of our tunes with you. Been lurkers on this site since at least 2003, love the community here! Drop by and check out our instrumental cover of "Time" by Pink Floyd, let us know what you think!


"Based out of Chicago, Reditus is a rock band that strikes for a blend of direct, yet personal sound. The music created within the combo, borrows from the vast vernacular of alternative rock in order to create a compelling narrative based on the spirit of post-punk, the grit of garage and the appeal of pop.

If Spoon, The Black Keys and Nine Inch Nails had a lovechild, it would probably sound something like Reditus. Their approach is refreshingly unusual and fascinating, while their music remains easy to relate to and immediate: retro-inspired vocals shine through searing guitar riffs, hypnotic synth layers and groovy rhythm section, making for a diverse and unpredictable musical experience!"

Thanks guys and happy playing!

John Keith