Hear me out when I say most people will not agree with me liking them, but I do, and I have a question (hopefully a musician can answer). I found a live video of them playing dig but it seems to sound more like diminished chords or something sinister, despite seemingly playing bar chords just like the album version was recorded. My question is: does he use a special effect or pedal to do it? Because when I play the tab it just sounds like a regular bar chord.
I don't hear any diminished chords or anything like that. And I don't hear any special effects either. Just basic heavy distortion.

Why it may sound different from the album version is because things just usually sound a bit different live than they sound on album. What I noticed in the video was that the guitar was maybe a bit low in the mix/EQ'ed so that it didn't stand out in the mix and it sounded like it just lacked clarity (I couldn't really hear what the exact chords were - I mean, it was power chords played in the low register, but other than that, it was pretty hard to hear). If you for some reason want that kind of tone, play with a full band and scoop your mids - your guitar will sound like it's making noises but nobody can hear what those noises exactly are. It will basically sound like a distorted mess.


Yeah... I listened to the studio version and it's exactly what I just said - studio version just sounds more clear (that's the case with most studio vs live versions). He most likely just scooped his mids and the guitar was overall a bit low in the mix and that's why it sounds the way it sounds. But he plays exactly the same stuff as in the studio version.
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there's a tritone in the main bass riff

guitar's pretty much just power chords though. when you're not in a polished setting sometimes distortion gets out of hand

also what's wrong with liking mudvayne, i haven't really listened to them since HS but i don't know a lot of bassists who don't give ryan martinie props
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