Ive recently tabbed 'All i got' by Newton Faulkner which is pending approval and have a few queries.

A. I have seen conflicting posts about how long it takes to be denied or accepted and wondered if any others who have submitted tabs could help clear up how long it will take.

B. i was hoping some of you could check it out and rate it while its pending to help speed up the process and to get feed back asap.

That's about it really. Thanks for reading.
Hey, post in my forum next time

This thread specifically

Four hours is a really really short time. It varies. The queue is rather empty right now, and you've brought the tab up. I'll look at it right now. However, there have been times when it's been overcrowded (>1K songs) and then it takes up to a week or even two. (Help in the queue is always welcome )
Btw, just looked. Can you write out all the sections in order? 2.4 B in the rubric.