Well..technically it's just the ONE pickup, since I forgot to switch to the neck pup while recording lol...will leave that for another time

So this is the "Hot Breeze" Alnico 5 (14.1k) bridge pickup by FOKIN pickups (Russia) in my new Semi-hollow body. Catchy pop/rock-meets-shred..

Recorded direct with my digital handheld recorder's line input. Amp's my 50 Watt solid state AMT Stonehead (delay/reverb in the loop) no other FX/Pre/Post production..

Mastered on fiverr.com

So yeah ..check it out

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By the way, I'm not associated in any way whatsoever with Fokin pickups. I happened to buy a set and could 'nt be happier with them. They're tone monsters lol.

So yeah...just showing my appreciation here...
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BUMP for the new Fokin "Rocket Queen" neck pickup demo I just did..

Very articulate sweet complex/"3D' sounding A2 pickup with a bit of growl & hair as well ..it's an over-indulgent shredder's dream come true

Description in the video credits & pretty much the same as the "Hot Breeze" video up there.