Hi there,

I 'd like to find which tuning Sam Beam uses on this video, Sailor to Siren:
I thought it was in DADGAD but apparently no. Neither OpenG...
Anyone could help me on this please?
I know that tabs have been done but they don't satisfy me...
Many thanks!

pistou691 Hi. It is a DADGAD tuning, but tuned town to B. So the first song you can play along and you do not need to tune down to B. This is usually a hassle and requires thicker strings (or a Bariton guitar). So the Tuning is from thickest E (B-F#-B-E-F#-B) if you want to play along with the other songs as well
BirkeMann Many thanks and sorry for ma late reply, as well...
So, I only have to tune my guitar to B-F#-B-E-F#-B if I want to play the first song, that's right? I think I can find the chords by watching the video... =)