I recently got my hands on a vintage Hagström Viking (probably 1960's model). After some research, it seems that someone has replaced the neck (it was built as a 12-string originally) with another original Hagström neck (6-string). The previous owner didn't do a good job on this, especially the drilled holes through the back of the body.

This means that the neck pocket is far too big for the 6-string neck (about 2-3mm gaps on each side, and 1-2mm on the bottom) and the string height is ridiculously high (about 7-8mm at 12th fret). The intonation is also way off, which is probably due to the extreme string height.

I really like the sound of the pickups and would really like to make this guitar playable again. Is this even possible? How do I fit the neck - fill the neck pocket and re-route? Large shim?

I attached a couple of pics.

Taking it to a professional would probably cost me way too much, and I want to try and fix it myself first.

Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated!


If it were my guitar, I'd probably glue in a block of wood and rout a new neck pocket.
Scrape off as much paint inside the neck pocket as you can. Put a piece of paper over it and rub a pencil over the edges to get the shape of the pocket, then use that as a template to make the filler block. Sand it until it fits. Plug the holes with dowels.