Hey all. Having a real hard time hoping for some help. My locking nut stripped out on this guitar, it was already on a weak leg when I got it. Go figure it's a weird one. I need to replace it with the exact same style. For one I want to keep it the same, not changing up original look and two I don't want to have to modify the guitar cutting truss rod cover back or anything. It's thinner than your usual locking nut. Any idea where I can find another one of these in gold?

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Info on the guitar?
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That may be a tall order if you have an uncommon licensed Floyd, what guitar do you have?

Sometimes you can find parts specific to a particular guitar by searching eBay for the make and model of your guitar or being even more specific and using make/model and parts or tremolo parts. You may be able to find used parts for it that way.

Sometimes music stores can order factory replacement parts that you would not have access to.
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That link you sent Kentucky just looks like all standard size floyd rose locking nuts. This one is thinner. It's from a BC Rich Warlock with snakeskin finish. It has a licensed floyd rose bridge.