Hello to everyone, I've such a strange problem with my guitar's set up

My situation is:

- LTD MH-50 guitar
- Drop B tuning
- 0.11 strings
- Four springs on my Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo

Now I have to tune my guitar to Drop D, so I think I have to remove one spring, and that's scaring me.

After removing old strings and the spring, my tremolo will not be perfect for a Drop D with 0.10, so how can I fix it for the new tuning?
It is safe to remove a spring?

I don't know whether it is a stupid question, I'm not good with set ups.

Thank you so much, and as always, sorry for my bad English
It's really a combination of springs and loosening/tightening the claw screws so that the trem is level.

There are a ton of tutorials out there on setting up Floyds.

The tension of the strings must equal the tension of the springs so that the Floyd is level.
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This should help, if not get a tech to set it up for you it usually doesn't cost much. It is a good idea to learn for yourself though

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its really not a big deal. if it needs a spring removed, take one out. then balance out the floyd.