Hey I noticed Fender dont seem to make a tone master head anymore. Do they have something that is considered its replacement?
It was never very popular, I don't think they replaced it with anything directly. The Tonemaster, Vibroking, and Prosonic amps were all designed by the same guy and made around the same time, if you're looking for similar options used.

The Supersonic series would probably be the closest surviving descendant as far as features, but perhaps not a good replacement depending on what you want it for. A lot of people loved the Tonemaster for the cleans but the dirty channel was not well liked. The Supersonics have a pretty good OD channel and the cleans are good but not particularly special. So in that regard the Hot Rod series might actually be closer in function. Again, depends entirely on what you want out of the amp. There's no direct replacement from Fender that I can think of.
i haven't ever liked the HRD stuff. the supersonics are awesome if you can find one cheap.

are you more concerned about cleans or dirt?

what is your budget?
well i was just curious to be honest. I was after something that I can play clean and a bit dirty. I want to be able to cover my basses from jazz, to rockabilly and even a bit rock. I really am after something thats a bit of jack of all trades. Any ideas? Im just throwing out thoughts at the moment. I am playing hollow body guitars mostly but some solid as well.
what is your budget?
where are you located?
willing to buy used?
Budget around $1000 - 1500
Im in Australia so thats AU Dollars

Happy to buy used