This is my first attempt at making an Aggrotech song. Let me know what you think and what I may need to change!


And of course, C4C!
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If star wars had a Heavy Metal band (no not "Vader" lol), then you would be it. You sound like a anrgy mother****ing Yoda.

I sound like an angry Yoda...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? lol
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Nice opening melody/riff! Sounds really dark.
The vocals aren't my favorite. I think they will sound better with some heavy reverb, to get that dark cathedral feeling.
Like the instrumental part at 1:50. Nice breakdown at 2:20. Keeps the song from getting repetitive.
Like the build-up to 3:50.

All in all, good job. I liked the riffs and melodies, not that big fan of the vocals, but I think they will sound better with some more reverb and maybe a bit more back in the mix.

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First thing, this is not something I would usually listen to. That being said, I really enjoyed it. That main/opening riff has such a nice groove to it. The synths sound great.

Overall, the song has such a dark and sinister sound to it which match the lyrics. I am not a fan of the vocals; they sound too breathy. However, they do fit the sound of the song, so it works.

P.S Thanks for the criticism.
Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate the kind words. Now your tune. I have to tell you up front suicide is a very touchy topic for me. I've known 3 people that have taken their own life. That being said, I think the vocals sound quite evil, but I realize they are probably supposed to sound that way. Instrumentally, it sounds excellent.