i need to buy a new guitar but i want some advice about these comparison, please help me out

Taylor 210E DLX = Top Solid Spruce, B/S Layered Rosewood , / $1,328

Simon & Patrick Woodland PRO Spruce = Top Solid Spruce , B/S Solid Mahogany , / $700
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The Taylor210 is quite a bit better, would be my guess. First off Taylor is a better brand than Godin, the parent company of S@P. Secondly it's a lot more expensive model. $600 better? I don't know about that. Simon and Patrick is the 3rd or 4th best brand Godin sells. I'd rank Seagull and Godin over them and maybe Art and Lutherie. That being said I've heard they are pretty good guitars. All the stuff sold by Godin, under all the brands, are pretty well made in my experience.

I'd consider the Taylor 110 or 114 as well. I saw a Taylor 114e listed on Amazon last week for $599.
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...[ ]....Taylor 210E DLX = Top Solid Spruce, B/S Layered Rosewood , / $1,328

Simon & Patrick Woodland PRO Spruce = Top Solid Spruce , B/S Solid Mahogany , / $700

The 210E "Deluxe", is the worst buy in the "Mexi-Taylor" series. It's more or less designed to appeal to the buyer's vanity. It has all the bling of a higher end guitar. So basically, when people look at it, they'll think you're playing a Taylor 4xx or 5xx, maybe even a 6xx series instrument

The plain 2xx, and the 1xx series pretty much have what you need in the way of sound, ease of play, and repair-ability. All Taylors are bright and forward sounding. Taylor calls it "modern sound. So, that's what you're getting into, as it were.

The 1xx series guitar are semi gloss varnish finishes, the 2xx steps you up to gloss poly.

I have a 150e 12 string. It's a nice, nice guitar, as long as you leave your vanity at the door. One little joke I have is the "Stradivarius' violins are done with varnish, and look how well they've done.

I don't have experience with any 6 string Taylor, but a few of our well learned players who do, recommend the 1xx over the 2xx series. So, maybe it's the varnish after all.

Many players feel a matte or semi-gloss neck gives you a bit better "traction", and the 1xx's are there with that.

As far as overall sound goes the rosewood 210 will likely have the darkest bottom end. The S & P will sound like mahogany. and the 1xx Taylors are sapele, which sounds like mahogany, but seems to be perhaps a bit brighter and tighter. (At least to my ears)

Sound wise, your original comparison carries somewhat of an "apples & oranges" factor. It might be better to decide which tone wood you prefer, then plug in some makes & models.
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