Hey so I made a solo and was wondering if you guys could give it a listen and give me some feedback. iv been playing for a little over a year and im basically learning by myself (with the help of youtube videos of course) so it would be of tremendous help if you could give me some pointers or suggestions on my playing. i dont have a teacher to give me criticism so im counting on you!


For just one year into playing you've got a pretty solid foundation. The phrasing is quite good. The main thing I can say is to just keep at it. You seem to be playing in key which is of utmost importance. I'm hearing minor imperfections but these are things I wouldn't worry about as you play more they will be less and less of a problem and it would be very nitpicky of me to point them out. Overall you are doing great keep at it. Enjoy the journey.

BTW do you mind commenting on my track?
thanks for the feedback its much appreciated. and yea ill have a look at your tracks
Sounds cool. The tone is kinda weird but it works. I think you're doing well for a year of playing. I like that you try and build the solo up and stead of just blowing your load right off the get go. I've been playing for 8 years and that is still something I struggle with. It's hard to imagine the solo as a whole instead of just an individual piece. Nicej ob though. Best thing I could offer as advice is to make guitar playing FUN. Enjoy playing guitar and you will get better over time. Once you get more licks and scales and what not under your belt you will just continue to get faster and better until you are just melting the faces of everyone around you. Good luck bro.

I'd appreciate if you checked out my song and gave me any feedback. Thanks!
Nice for playing just a year, thats really good!
First off, maybe turn down the gain a bit. Will give you a better tone and more dynamics in you playing
You need to work on your vibrato slow it down and make it a bit wider. I think that will fit your playing style.
Your bends were out of tune, so that is something you need to work on.
Like thrasher726 mentioned, think about how you build up the solo. Intensity etc.. But I think that is something you will get with a bit more experience.

Keep it up man! And post more to get some feedback on your progress

Wanna check out mine?