Hey guys,
would like to know what you all think of my latest track, its going to be on my next album. I'd like to know what you guys think of the song in general and also what you think of the production quality. This is a very heavy in your face metal song.

Im not a metal fan really, so technically im no good to u. That aside, i actually liked it. Bit cheesy at times but loads of good ideas. I just wonder if you could sing it at a higher pitch it might add some energy and urgency to it. Fun.
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sounds pretty good man! better than i could do. i would change the main riff a bit though i think you play one extra note. i think if you take the second to last note out and just play bum ba dum bum at the end (not sure if that makes sense). what you have at the end is bum ba dum ba dum. that extra note just sounds like too much.