So this is a well known problem with an otherwise brilliant guitar... during use vibration causes the bridge to sink. A tad annoying. Mine is a tune-o-matic type.

So the most common fix is changing the bridge completely or using some sort of glue in the height adjustment screw thread to increase the grip.

I recently noted schecter use a bridge locking technique, which "pins" the screw so the height is fixed. Basically a grub screw through the metal work pressing against the bridge post. Do you guys reckon I could modify the jazzmaster bridge like this to solve the sinkage problem?

Cheers in advance!
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I'm not a fan of the grub screw. I've rarely had this issue, but when it's occurred, it's been Loctite to the rescue (it's what it was designed for, after all).
Thanks for replies chaps... I decided to give teflon tape around the screw threads a go first, as I'm one for tweaking heights. I'd be breaking the loctite constantly I reckon ha!

Shall see if it sorts it...
Kicks Harder Than A Mule On Crack