Hey all, a few friends and I run a venue in Tucson, Arizona and we always run into problems with equipment in which we can never seem to keep up.

As we just started up in March, we're always looking for low-cost solutions to damage as well as the acquisition of equipment that can be sponsored by a group of dumb late teens and twenty-somethings that earn minimum wage.

Conveniently, both a 15" and 12" speaker decided it was time to jist kinda die. Both seem to have wiring intact with speakers that are not blown (the 12" recently took a trip to the shop only to function as a well-placed coffee/beer table just a couple months later) It seems like the inputs are fried, yet the speaker-out part seem to be a-okay for the little shits. Perplexing for those who dont know much more about repair than replacing tubes on an amplifier.

The matching 12" and an 8" have wiring that literally look like somebody tried to sauder them with a chainsaw.

In the wreckage, cables are dying out far faster than we can replace them.

In short, everything is fucking up and any advice is welcomed (except, y'know, taking care of our things; fuck that noise). Unfortunately, breaking and entering would probably also prove reckless.

Be it: room-shaking speakers pricing under 200$, troubleshooting tips, must-haves, miraculous craigslist ads, tips for gaining publicity, foolproof promotion tactics, efficient methods for live recording etc.

The place we've always sought to be is the Disneyland for the show-goers who just spent their last dollar on a cigarette they bummed at a convenient store. Everyone who wants to should be able to see that badass hardcore band from Japan even if it means busking for bus money to that fountain with the quarters in it.

Those dirty kids love thos place, and as does almost everybody who come through. Rant/go fund me ad/cheesy poser shit over.

So yeah, if you have the hookup on venue equipment and/or the maintenance of said equipment, it is warmly welcomed. Drop by with helpful tips, or suggestions to fuck off and stick to our day jobs!

I love you, honkeys. Help us keep the art of outdatedly sophomoric rebellion in the greasy hands who aimlessly strive for its longevity.

Up to now, haphazard tinkering, donations from those burnt out and a police force distracted by the constant crime throughout the city have given us the buoyancy to stay afloat.

So yeah, sick deals and wise tech-related teachings are what we really need right now.

Thank you!
Bryan, of The Rat Trap (Tucson, AZ)

Ps- we're on Facebook So you can see the angsty shenanigans and a schedule of shows in the future. Please feel free to shoot us a message if you're in an interested band needing a place to gig I'd send a link but technical difficulties tend to come in ravenous flocks.
Xoxoxox! Try not to hear anything coming out on the radio!
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