FS: Traynor YCV40 - 40 watt Tube Amplifier - MINT Condition- Keene, NH - $575

Selling my lightly used Traynor YCV40, 40 watt tube amplifier in pristine condition. Recently swapped out all of the stock Sovtek tubes with 2-6L6 Tung-Sols and 3-12AX7 Tung-Sols. Also the stock speaker, a Celestion 70/80 has been swapped for an Eminence Governor speaker which has been installed for a couple of years now, but low volume playing has this thing barely broken in, very much like new. Will include the stock speaker and tubes with sale. Stock speaker and tubes work great just swapped out for a tone upgrade. Footswitch also included.

This is a 1x12, 2-channel combo amplifier. Channel 1 is the lead channel with a boost switch, channel 2 is the clean channel with a "Bright" switch. This amp has incredible clean tones, similar to that of a fender amp. The lead channel can achieve killer tones from a light crunch to heavier RATM type overdrive. This amp has plenty of gigging power, but also maintains a fairly impressive tone even at bedroom volumes which makes it super versatile. This is an auto-biasing tube amp, so no need to take it to the shop for biasing when installing a new pair of tubes.

I'm mostly a bedroom player, so this amp has never been gigging (aka knocked, dropped, or banged around). I truly love this amp, but its more amp than I need, and so the only reason I'm selling it is to downsize.

Willing to travel some for an interested buyer who is a bit further away from the area. Paid $750 for the amp new, plus an additional $160 or so for the speaker and tube upgrades. Asking only $575 for the amp with upgraded tubes and speaker, stock tubes and speaker, and footswitch.Dont hesitate to ask any questions.

Hopefully the pics are viewable via the PDF upload.
Amp Ad Pics.pdf
Now asking $450, but with the original Celestion 70/80 speaker only, not the Eminence Governor