Hello I m a new guitar player and this is first time that i thread, I have some question.
How long and step professional guitarist preapare and practice for a new song for example Steve vai prepare and practice "For the love of god"? I may not clearly ask and can't get all of right answers from here but anywhere else can I get it?
There is no answer to this question, because it varies for each individual player, and for each individual song. Especially if you are also the author of the song. If we take "For the love of god" for example, Vai actually wrote that, so he spent whatever amount of time writing the song, and when he finished writing he, he probably already knew how to play it. And now when he goes on the road, he doesnt have to learn it from scratch everytime.

So yeah, there is no way to answer this.
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Here's a good video of Steve Vai talking about the song:

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Every player is at a different level of skill and experience. The time it takes to learn a song depends on the song and level of proficiency of the player. For me personally, if I am learning a new song I will work on it till I can play it to my satisfaction. That might be 10 minutes or might be 10 days or weeks depending on the song and how difficult it is based on my level of skill.
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I think you'll have worked out now that this isn't a simple question. Most session musicians for example will read music and can probably play a fairly good version straight off the page. I've known keyboard players who can listen to a song once and play a fairly close version of the song straight back to you. Usually these are people with formal musical education. For those of us without that education it seems a little like magic.

I'm guessing you want to know how well you are doing as a beginner, and what to expect as you improve?

I play bass in covers bands and I've been playing for about 8 years. Mainly it'll take me about an hour to work out a new song well enough for the rest of the band to not notice me cutting corners. A week after it should be pretty solid and I'll have filled in the gaps. For the band as a whole we'll decide on a song and learn individual parts to play at next weeks rehearsal. It might be a bit rough but rhythm bass and drums will be thereabouts, guitar lead lines will be ok but a bit generic, a week later it will be much improved and in the set the week after that. A few songs we'll get right first time and sometimes if a song requires a new technique it can take a lot longer.