Hello this is My first post! I don't usually mention this unless asked but I am unable to walk or stand up. My legs will not straighten out fully and I have always been interested in playing guitar but have difficulty holding it in my wheelchair and most of the time I am sitting in the floor but with my knees sitting straight out its like I have to hold the fret board. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to adjust a full sized guitar or help for Me to play correctly
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you could try a good strap. A lot of guitarists wear the guitar with the strap (as in they would while playing while standing) even while practicing sitting down, just to keep it from sliding out of position. So maybe get a comfortable strap, and tighten it to a shorter length, and it should keep the guitar in the proper position while you're playing sitting down.

Other than that, maybe a smaller guitar? I don't know your exact situation, but a smaller body and scale could fit your wheelchair better.
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at OP: I'd recommend a parlor sized guitar, or other shortscale model. Also maybe you could research trying to learn how to play slide guitar (guitar sitting on your lap).

I'd suggest maybe starting with a ukelele. You can find if you like playing stringed instruments on something a little easier, and it'll definitely fit a guy in a wheelchair I think (unless it's a baritone uke maybe).
Hi Chris, and welcome to the forum!

I also play guitar from my wheelchair (paralysis at around the T-8 vertebra), so hopefully I can offer some firsthand insight. If I'm understanding you question correctly, you're having trouble balancing your guitar on your lap, yes? If so, I would definitely take advantage of using a strap. As was the case for me, it'll take some experimentation from you to figure out what length works best for your abilities. I couldn't fully grasp what your particular issue is, though, so if you (or another member) could provide some additional clarification, I could be of greater assistance.

As far as the classical position, I would think that the seat of your wheelchair would prevent the body of the guitar being positioned somewhat between the legs- at least that's what happens when I try it. Also, depending on your situation, the classical position might require you to focus your attention more on balancing yourself than actually playing- definitely not a good thing. Again this is just something I experienced, so you'll definitely want to experiment.

I also haven't experienced any problems with full-size guitars, so I'm not sure this is an issue in itself.

Really hopes this helps you in your guitar journey. Don't be afraid to ask more questions if you've got them!

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I know these are commonly used by classical guitarists - I'm planning on getting one myself primarily because I've broken both of my little toes in the past year bumping into the various objects I've been using for footstools, but also because they are better for posture in the long run anyway. It basically props the guitar up into classical position without having to raise your legs which sounds ideal for you - I'm just not entirely sure how effective they are for non-acoustic guitars where the body is often thinner.


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