Well I've finally got to get a decent acoustic guitar for the weddings ceremonies I'm playing at, and I'd like to get good volume without all the hassle of setting up a mic and running sound just for one stupid instrument.

I'm looking to spend under $100 if possible, and it'd be going in a $300-400 USD guitar. If there are good guitars with good built in pickups in that price range I'd definitely consider them. I prefer something that's widely available and I don't have to order online or pay international shipping on. Also needs to sound decent through a normal amp.

So, any particular brands or models you guys like best?
you'd probably be better to ask in the acoustic forum- i know it says at the top this forum's for all the electronics type stuff, but that's a bit misleading, as most of us (I think, anyway) are mainly electric players well, i certainly am, anyway. i've barely even tried an acoustic pickup
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