Hi Everyone,

My B string on frets 1-4 have started making this noise that I'm uncertain how to describe. Here's an audio clip of it:


I'm playing 4 frets on the G, then B, then E string. The B string is making that noise on frets 1-4.

The strings are a week old, I've tried adjusting the bridge for the B string but it hasn't made any different. The string is in tune.

Any suggestions on what may be causing that noise?

Did you change string gauges from what was on there before?
Did you adjust the bridge at all?
Did you touch the truss rod?
Has there been a drastic weather change (temp/humidity) where you are?


I haven't changed the string gauge.
I didn't adjusted the bridge, except from after the problem started, which made no difference.
I haven't touched the truss rod.
The weather has been consistent for the past month.

I was playing the guitar as normal, then the next morning, the B string on frets 1-4 started making that noise.
Could be a dud string. If your bridge has saddles, try intonating using those. Truss rod if that doesnt work, but maybe just try a new string first. People freak out with truss rods, but theyre not difficult to manipulate, just be gentle and smart that's all.