I am currently restoring and upgrading an old 88 ibanez 540s. Without getting into to much detail I am probably going a little over the top, lol. Anyways. . .

I like the stock dimarzios. They are the IBZ/USA F2 humbucker and two IBZ/USA C2 stacked singles. I am doing a 5-way switch with a master volume and master tone. One push/pull pot, preferably the tone pot but not a big deal. I cannot decide how I want to wire it up. Anyone have any cool and/or unique suggestions.

Obviously I want versatility but at the same time nothing too drastic. I'm mainly into blues rock and metal. I just play through a peavey classic 30 and ext. cab. I use any combination of a TS9, soul food and the clean/dirty channels to get varied degrees of gain and compression. The project is getting close to being ready and I have to decide soon. I'm sure one of you guys have a good idea!