Hi guys,

Now that I have some money to spend, I'm looking to make a transition into the world of tube amps, as well as lose my pedal virginity. For the price I'm looking at, where the total cost is £700-800, the two amps that stick out are the Egnater Tweaker and Fender Bassbreaker 15Ws. They both are up my alley seeing that I play anything from blues to rock, but nothing too heavy. I'm also adding in the Tone city sweet cream, the tape machine for a delay, a wah and a big muff, seeing that I think all of those can fit with those amps. However, this is where the debate comes in:

Is it the Egnater with a good reverb pedal (seeing it's about 60 quid cheaper) or the Fender with something different?

Feel free to leave ideas and suggestions

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Not a fan of the Egnator. It just always sounds dull to me and at 15W is pretty quiet compared to a lot of other 15w tube amps. Bassbreaker is nice, Super Champ, Blues Jr., Orange Tiny Terror, all have legit tube tone. Check em out.
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If I didn't have an amp, I would definitely look at the Bassbreaker 15.
Maybe a clean boost to go with it?
i had a tweaker, very bland. had a rebel, just ok. the renegade IMO was the best out of the egnater series, but i wouldn't buy one again.

they have all of the stupid gimmicky things that made them look nice on paper. that is where it ended.

i will never buy another egnater. that is just me though.

look for a peavey classic 30 or a fender.
Quote by trashedlostfdup
look for a peavey classic 30 or a fender.

^ That!

The Peavey Classic 30 is a workhorse - It's quite underrated.
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The Egnater Tweaker has a lot of features that give interesting tonal changes, but nothing that really stands out in stock form. I found, when I had a Tweaker, that you have to find the setting you like and work with it from there to improve it. A lot of that improving involves eq and tubes. You can slap pretty much any tube in the Tweaker 15 that is 'octal' based. So EL34, 6L6, 6V6, KT66, and so forth. Preamp tube V1 is the most important on that amp... so picking tubes that have a brighter or darker characteristic to them, or less gain/more gain, all impact your final tone. It's an amp you really have to work on to get the best result out of. If you like the Fender/American setting, you have to tube and eq it to make the Fender/American setting shine. If you prefer the AC setting, you have to tube it and eq it to make that setting shine. Same with the Brit setting... tube and eq it for that. You make one setting sound good, the others just sound okay or not so okay. That was my experience with it.

Classic 30 is a great amp. You can probably find a used Classic 30 and upgrade the stock speaker for less than or the same as a new Bassbreaker 15. From what I have heard, the Bassbreaker amps are very nice... and that might be the tone you like. Play a few amps and decide for yourself. You might like the Tweaker, your ears are your ears.
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