How quiet is too quiet when recording through an interface into a DAW?

I'm recording an acoustic guitar and when I playback I see it's around -30 on the meter (using Reaper). If I crank it up it still sounds fine to my ears as there isn't too much background noise.

However, convention seems to be to record as close to clipping-point on the interface as possible without actually causing clipping. I'm way off from that point with my recording but I'm wondering will this cause any problems down the road as I start mixing/would this be an issue for someone who was mastering?

I'm happy with my takes but would consider doing them again with more input gain to avoid problems later on.
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Im thinking you probably want to record it at around -12 or so. If you record it too low, you will have to boost it way up later to get it back to conventional volume, and you will end up raising up a whole bunch of noise too
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