Hi, fellow guitar enthusiasts. I recently bought a Japanese electric guitar from the 60's. The seller didn't know much about it, but I'm pretty sure it's a Kawai. However, I don't know the model, and I cannot find it. I did thorough research, and nothing came up. I'd love to know the model, year, etc., so perhaps someone here can help me out?
at that time, there were a lot of brands making similar guitars like that, they were sold under a lot of different names, identical or very close in design. i have one as well.

it would be hard to find anything concrete on it. you probably won't.
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I agree you'l be hard pressed to nail down the manufacturer. I had a 1960's Silvertone the body was a Mosrite copy but it had that exact same shape for the headstock which I have also seen on guitars branded with various names same goes for the pickups and tremolo etc.

It is what it is a cheap 60's entry level Japanese guitar some are decent players others not so much, and while they have found a bit of collectablity as nostalgia instruments most won't command a high price.
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The switches look japanese.does it say made in japan on the neck-plate? It looks like a teisco/kawai, but the lack of chrome everything doesnt make sense. Looks like a cross between a decco and a lyle japanese guitar
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geo-rage The neck plate says Made In Japan. I opened the guitar up, and removed the neck, sadly though, no serial number could be found. Happily, I found a vintage guitar pro who says it's a 1967 Sakai. The headstock's a copy of popular Kawai headstock designs, but Kawai never used these sort of electronics. he says he's never seen this exact model though, so this guitar is quite a rarity! It actually sounds fantastic, almost like a Gibson Les Paul, and it plays well, so... I'm more than happy with it.