Dude sounds pretty good! I would definitely beef the drums up a bit. Maybe take that snare add in some more compression, some more low frequencies and what not. It sounds good but the production is pretty raw. The riffs are good, some heavy crushing death metal. Vocals are extremely raw and could use a tin ybit of eqing/compression to give them a stronger sound but obviously that's all up to your preference. Opening riff is sick though and when it repeats with the harmony it definitely makes you wanna bang your head and scream swears. Good job!

I would appreciate it if you checked out my track on Youtube. It's not quite as heavy but its catchy heavy metal type stuff:

Thank you!
Thank you for listening to it dude ! Yeah the production side might have been overlooked because it's only a demo, we'll record a EP soon and it'll be better !
Your song has an amazing tone and the vocals are really cool, and the riffs too, great job and keep rocking !
Reminds me a lot of old school Hypocrisy. I like it. The guitar solo seemed a little forced at parts (playing beyond your capacity). One thing I learned over the years is to just play what is easy for you. But really I liked the whole song. If you want an easy way to fix production try out EzMix 2.
Thank you for listening to it, and I'm happy that you like it ! I think I know of which solo you're talking about and I agree but I think that the other guitarist (it was not me that played the second solo) just did not stretch his fingers enough before recording it, because it's only a demo he thinks it's good enough, we'll get better things with the EP.
I'll check EzMix2 , I'm actually using EzDrummer2 for the drums in our demos and for [url="(Invalid video video code)]my original songs and I'm not unpleased, we'll get real drums for the EP though. Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it !
Like the intro - cool 2 part harmony.

2:01 - that part harmonized is also pretty cool.

Lead that comes after - again, put some effects on that stuff dude!

That lead was quite out of key.

Around 3:00 something happened to the drums?

Pretty cool tune overall.