So there's a similar thread already but that's pretty old and doesn't talk about what sounds they're going for and suggests JJs plus experimentation...problem is I want a fairly specific sound and I don't really want to spend money experimenting so here we go again...

OK, thanks to lots of on-line advice I've arrived at a cheap, half decent sounding set up (and thanks for your help with it!).
Its real simple; Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Gibson Burstbucker 2 in the bridge and Burstbucker 1 in the neck and a Jet City 50h with whatever cab the rehearsal studio/venue has (oh and a tuner...).

So, I'm thinking of sticking in some new valves, probably just 1 a month to keep on top of the amps upkeep as they haven't been changed since I bought it (used) a couple of years ago.

I play fairly full on alt rock but I like mid gain slightly vintage sounds (the kind of OD sounds on the Foos Sonic Highways is a good example).

I already really like the Jet City Overdrive channel (I set it pretty low around 4 ) but the Crunch (mild breakup) sound is a bit blunt, no zing y'know?...

Any recommendations? Thanks!
Swapping tubes has much more of a subtle effect than most other gear modifications. Changing something like a pedal or a speaker has much more a drastic effect on the tone. And you say you do not have your own cab/or you do not use it. I imagine you often feel like your sound is inconsistent, so I suggest to get your own cab (2x12?). Maybe loaded with Greenbacks.

That said, if the tubes in the amp are old they could be worn and a set of new tubes would be good for the amp. Really, JJ tubes are fine. Maybe if you want to feel adventurous, a Tungsol 12AX7 in V1, and I hear good things about TAD 6L6's.
as Will Lane saystubes don't make as big of a difference as you may think they do.

get JJ 12AX7's all the way through, buy one JJ 5751, and a Tung Sol 12AX7, and maybe a mullard 12AX7. move them around and see what you like best.then you have a few extras.

the TAD's are overpriced IMO. i had them in one amp, and they didn't impress me a whole lot. it wasn't much different then the JJ's i threw in there to replace them. actually the TAD's are still good though, they are in one of my drawers with partially used tubes that i use for backup. FWIW i usually retube new to me amps, especially used amps, i just do so i know what i am working with as far as longevity.
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I put JJs in mine. I also swapped out some mesa, ehx and some other types on the V1 position, but honestly, i didnt hear that much of a difference. A better fix for your problem would probably be an eq pedal somewhere in the chain for the crunch channel.
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With my JCA50H I've found tube changes just had a slight impact.

I got more tonal impact by making some tone stack mods to it and running a ParaEQ pedal in the loop.