Just picked up an old Marshall 1965A 4x10. No sound. The previous owner is someone I know and swears up and down that it had been working a week ago. Now the speakers look to be in good condition but the wiring is pretty shotty. Also it's using two G10L-35s and two G10-60w Vintage 10s. I believe the G10Ls are 8ohm and the Vintage 10s are 16 ohm. Could this be an issue? If not can anyone suggest a good place to buy new wires? I'm new to messing with cabs.
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There's some shoddy thinking going on in that cabinet as well.

The fact that you've got two different impedance speakers may be an issue, but you should first see if the speakers are any good at all by removing the cabinet wiring and wiring each one individually to an amplifier, utilizing the correct output impedance for each one. If they've been wired in series, there's a good chance that one blown voice coil will keep the rest from producing sound, so you want to make sure that each speaker is individually sound before you do anything else.

Then you're going to want to do whatever you need to do to get all four speakers the same impedance.