Hello there,

Later this year or early next year I'm looking to purchase a new amp to add alongside a Bugera V22 that I currently use.

I'm also using these pedals:

Guitar > Tone City Comp Engine > Joyo Vintage OD > EHX Soul Food > LPB-1 > Amp

Effects Loop: Send > Tone City Tape Machine > Digitech Jam Man > Receive

I'm looking for anything form 15 - 20W and to achieve those Mayer/SRV type tones. Or as close to as I can.

What would be the top 5 that I should go ahead and try? I've heard good things about:

Blues Junior
Bassbreaker 15
Peavey Classic 30 (30W, but I've heard it's worth a try)
Egnater Tweaker 15w 1x12 Combo

Any other suggestions would be great.

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if you need the effects loop, the blues junior is out of the running. Although it's a great amp...
Practiced with a Tweaker 88 a couple times. Don't know how it compares to the small ones, but if it's anywhere close that would have to be my recommendation from what you gave me. I was a really big fan of it, and was surprised by how broad and clean it got for a British amp.
GrittyBlues You don't need a loop unless your running a very high gain amp ( i.e. metal tones). Anything blues/ hard rock territory will be fine with your delays in front, you just need to set it properly.

I don't know what your budget is but I highly recommend the Mesa Lonestar Special 1x12 if you can afford it - it's spectacular. Of all the amps you listed, I would go with the Blues Junior.
Crate Palomino V16 (A better Blues Jr. for less money)
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Thanks for the replies.

After some research I've realised it might even be worth saving up for a little bit longer and maybe opting to look at options like a 65' deluxe reverb, then it opens up a whole other category of amps, so let's go ahead and say my budget would be 1.2K GBP.
I was going to suggest a Deluxe Reverb. Great amps that love pedals. A Blues Junior would do what you want really well though.

I'm not too familiar with the used market in the UK, but if you're open to used stuff, I'm sure there are loads of great amps in the 1200 pounds range. A Princeton Reverb might be worth checking out as well if you want to stay a little lower on the budget.
well a Two Rock for meyer but that's likely out of your price range even used. the Princeton could work as well. give the Peavey Classic 30 a shot though as it's a nice 2 channel amp with decent cleans and the overdrive section will work for what you want to.
Blues Jr.
Fender HRD
Mesa Studio 22 (used)
Mesa F-30/F-50 (used)

I can get good stuff out of a Classic 30 but it's more David Gilmour and less SRV/Mayer.
Not a Tweaker fan. Sounds dull and real quiet for 15w to me.

**Go for the tone you want and pretty much ignore watt output. All of these amps can sound good when turned down.
SRV and Mayer blues are games I play regularly.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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you can't go wrong with a deluxe reverb, it's made for the tones you're after, burt it's so pedal friendly that you can do just about anything short of metal. I am biased though, i have one.
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Fenders Deluxes Reverbs.
Quote by JustRooster
Practiced with a Tweaker 88 ... ...for a British amp.

Just a small correction, Egnater are actually American, often made in the far east, but sound great.

As for OP, I'd recommend the Blues Junior, Bass breaker or as someone else said, a Deluxe Reverb. The secret to SRV's tone is really just volume and attack, he never used much overdrive, so a loud clean amp with some heavy handed playing gets you very close.
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you can't go wrong with a deluxe reverb, it's made for the tones you're after, burt it's so pedal friendly that you can do just about anything short of metal. I am biased though, i have one.

I've played nearly a dozen of these over the years, honestly one of my favorite combo amps ever. If I had to trade or sell my Marshall I'd buy a Blackface Fender Combo in a heartbeat. (Super reverb, Vibrolux, Deluxe Reverb) I just dont think you can go wrong with one of these. I will second, or third the Blues Jr., it really is a sweet little amp. I see a lot of them on stages.
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Yeah this just solidifies my thoughts of just go out and try a few as there are so many to choose at this point. I think the top 3 are:

65' DR

Don't get me wrong, the Bugera V22 I have is actually a sweet little amp which I'll be keeping. You cans till get some nice tones out of it. And for the price you can't really fault it.
Not dissing the Bugera V22 (there's certainly a lot worse out there), but I doubt you'll use it much if you should buy a Deluxe Reverb or even a Blues Junior. :P
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I don't doubt it about the 65' haha. But the BJ I've heard in vs. battles with the Bugera so I'd have to try that one to be sure.
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A Fender Blues deluxe or a Peavey Classic are two solid choices.

Truth is, Stevies tone can almost never be nailed. But you can get close!