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I do very beginner guitar repair (i.e. wiring, pickup install, and basic setups). I've learned a lot on YouTube from Breja Toneworks and WillsEasyGuitar, but i am wanting to "broaden my horizons". I've taken shop classes back in high school, and remember a good chunk of it. So i have a couple questions for the awesome community here. Now obviously i wanna spend my money in the right places, so that's why i am coming to you guys.

1) What is your opinion on Stew Macs Guitar Shop Starter Kit and other Stew Mac tools? (http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/St ... r_Set.html)

2) What Luthirie Schools are recommended in the Kentucky/Tennessee area? (Only lived down here for 4 years and i don't get out much.) I've thought about going to a workshop at the Guitar Servces Workshop in Nashville? (http://www.guitarservices.com/training.asp)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks!
The stewmac tools are nice. From my limited experience, the general tools are amazing and the specialty tools seem to have less value in terms of general use. I would buy a few peices, then learn what you actually like. I wouldn't ever buy the kit. But thats me. If you think you'll use ti all then go for it.
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Music Institute (out hyar in Hollywood) has a really good school for building and repairing guitars.

Closer to home, however, you might check into the classes taught at Blues Creek Guitars http://www.bluescreekguitars.com/ in PA, and by their friends at Custom Pearl Inlay http://www.custompearlinlay.com/ who also offer both inlay and guitar building classes (they're in NY). David Nichols is sort of a legend in inlay (he does custom work for Martin). It's a skill you'll find marketable for the rest of your life, and not just for guitars.
Stew Mac has good tools when it comes to specialized things that you can't find at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. The luthier I apprenticed with for while often modified an existing common tool into something unique for a special purpose. You should also take a look at what's available on Amazon.com. You'll be surprised at what available by just searching on Amazon using "guitar tools". The difference between Stew Mac's tools and others is a matter of quality. If you are just buying for personal use you can use the stuff available on Amazon but if you plan to make it a career the Stew Mac tools are a much better and longer lasting quality.
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You can find the stew mac tools for cheaper from other websites such as amazon or even locally. I mean, unless you like paying an extra 15 for a set of files.
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