I like how it progresses into each instrument. The bass seems a tad overpowering throughout the song. The organ gives it some nice bluesy flavor. I like the stop and go at 1:30 to keep the track interesting and the improvisor can add in some cool slick licks. You have a good sense for structure. Now I don't know if backing tracks usually have a key change in the song or not like a traditional song but I imagine that could help with improvising... unless of course this is strictly for learning a certain key. I don't really play over backing tracks so just might be my ignorance on the subject.

Well not much to say really, the mix sounds solid (besides the bass might being a bit loud) but that's just one opinion over another.

I noticed the Metallica sticker on the picture in your video so you might be interested in hearing my song for the c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1708012
I like the progression in the song!
Too many backing tracks are just the same thing over and over again, so this one is way more fun to jam and listen to.
Sounds like there are some timing issues around 1:50. I must say I like the loud bass when I'm jamming.
Cool organ part as well.
Keep it up!