To those who own one, what are your opinions, also make a Pros and Cons list for others who are considering it.
its really awesome for the price. for me its just a silent practice option. wouldnt want it to be my main rig tho. roll with it andf save for a decent tube amp.
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It's an awesome practice tool. As I said in your other thread, it has so many features it can't be beaten for the price.

When you get an amp though, you're going to have to set up some specific patches to use with it - most already have an amp simulator in the patch, so you'd probably want to remove that otherwise you're getting 2 amps in the chain.

Also as I've said in your other thread, the only con is that it isn't as flexible as the G3 or G5 and has a few less effects & amp models.
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Hi is there any pedal that can disable a effects on a patch... that can chain to g1on?...