Ok so I stripped my wah and sprayed it in lieu of installing a Hot Potz II, but when I've tried to put it back together I'm having trouble! As the photo shows, I can't get the pin to slide under that metal middle bridge piece. What the solution to this? I don't think I adjusted that piece of metal (there are screws under) but as it is it's impossible for the pin to go under it.

Any ideas?

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Loosen the screws on the metal piece. Easiest way to deal with this is to take the screws completely out and turn them over so that the heads are on the other side of the shell so you can tighten them once you get everything re-assembled. But either way, you'll have to loosen those screws.
Yep. Use an awl with a sharp tip to scrape the paint out of those screw heads too. I don't think you'll have to remove them completely, just loosen enough to get the pin underneath. But do remove that paint. if you don't you run a chance of ruining the screw heads when the screwdriver slips. You might also be able to loosen just one, try it and see. Loosen one slightly, just enough to let the metal strap move, then loosen the other a lot, then reassemble.
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