Hi folks, here's an Edge Pro trem:

What are the two little solitary holes on the front of the block for? Where can i find screws that will fit and what can I attach to it? Thanks.
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It could possibly have to do with installing a certain model of trem stopper, but that's only a guess.

It could possibly be the remnant of the die casting process that was used to manufacture the part.

Other than that, I have no idea.
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Quote by Axelfox
This what I have found in regards to this.

"Check to see if there's a little clear acrylic stopper screwed to the front of the sustain block. Those are on some Edge Pro trems and it prevents the trem from being pulled up. It would be screwed into the two little holes right below where it says Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patents in this picture."
After looking at some other close up pictures those holes do not appear to be threaded.
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