I was decided to add a Gravity Sunrise Mini 3mm to my string order. I love the feel of it but it's not as dynamic as my Eric Johnson Jazz IIIs and they're a lot brighter. Everything I play on the Gravity is very loud even when I play with a very light touch. I feel like I have less control over my tone than I did with the Jazz IIIs. Would I like a different Gravity pick or are my problems just the nature of acrylic? Gravity advertises their picks as louder and brighter than other picks. But the Sunrise is a very sharp pick and it's almost 3 times as thick as the Jazz III and those could also be the reasons I'm not totally converted. I really like the feeling of the 3mm pick and I love smaller picks. Would getting a rounded 3mm mini like a Striker or Classic solve my issues? I was also considering a 2.5mm Chicken Pick Badazz. Would that be better for me? Has anyone compared Chicken Picks to Gravity?

Edit: I checked the Sunrise out again but this time I changed settings to compensate for the added brightness. The tone is definitely better than the Jazz III now but it's still not as dynamic.
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I use the Razer Standard 2mm.

I'd gone, over time, from Fender Mediums to Dunlop Big Stubbies, and that took some time to redevelop dynamics. It's all in your technique.
I moved to the Razers because I wanted a sharper point and a smaller than standard pick (I have XXL hands). Since I've gotten used to them, I've pretty much settled in. Over time I've really appreciated the sharper point.

I haven't tried a Chicken Pick. I have tried the V Picks.

Apropos to nothing: So after I've been using the Razer 2 for a while, along comes YouTube entrepreneur Rob Chapman, who decides that HE likes the Razer 2 as well, and he gets a signature pick that includes some custom features and a color that isn't guaranteed to be lost (and we're talking a six buck pick, here), and while I don't have any particular affinity for Chappers, I soon realize that his custom picks work for me and that they're the same price as my non-customized pick, so I snagged a dozen during a 20% off sale. I think that when it's a six buck pick, you tend not to lose them. I do, however, lock them up when my pick-thieving friends drop by. Instead, I leave out bowls of Pick Punch picks done from old gift and credit cards. Very popular among the hipsters, who scoop them up as if they were popcorn.