Most guitarists learn the pentatonic scale as one of the first things they ever learn on the guitar, and most of the time it is not a scale that we think too much about when we use it. It's just the pentatonic scale and it's something that is in our ears and fingers for years, even if we are already for the rest playing music with extensionded chords, altered dominants etc.

In this lesson I am going to take apart the pentatonic scale and look at some of the things that you can find in there since that might yield some new ways of using it by combining what you know of the pentatonic scale and what you know about improvising with chords and arpeggios

You can download a PDF and read the article on my blog via this link:

Hope you like it!

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Quality lesson, as always
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This was VERY cool. I just dove straight in to doing some diatonic stuff last night and LOVED it. I figured this would just be a video about the five shapes of Pentatonic and using voicing the notes differently, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Also, I see that you really like sunburst instruments. (;
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God damn there is so much to learn about scales -_-
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