Dr. Gonzo - (really) unique fusion/psychedelic/post-rock etc. band from Kaliningrad, Russia

Hi guys! First of all, it's not my own band, but I really want to share music by one of the most unique bands from Kaliningrad, Russia (city where the UG office is located) - Dr. Gonzo. I'm listening to A LOT OF different music in different genres (I have more that 1000 CDs in my collection + more than 4 Tb of music on my hard drives) - and believe me, this is one of the most craziest and unique bands I've heard - especially live!
Every their show is so special - they combine a lot of different genres: fusion, psychedelic rock, jazz, math rock, bossa-nova, Eastern music, post-rock, tango, progressive rock, metal, industrial etc etc - and they always sound holistically and totally crushing!.. And people are always totally mad on their concerts...

Unfortunately there're not so much great quality recordings from them (of course it's live magic), but I'll share at least some of them - hope that you'll feel it.

Some "promo" video from their solo concert back in 2009 - with theatrical performances and some pure craziness in the end:

Video made by unknown fan with some subtitles (in Russia) what "Dr. Gonzo" is - and with some usual for their concerts craziness in the crowd (believe me, these people are truly sober):

Their gentle and beautiful side:

And their craziness:

Sorry for so long post, but these guys are one of my all-time favourite bands, I truly love them - and I want to share their music with you - hope you'll like it. Please share your opinion.