I see quite a few people advising against the blackstar ht5, what is the problem or issues people have with them?

They seem decent to me at least.
The general reason they don't get suggested here is because of their deceptive business practices. (Claiming an "all-tube" amp when they clearly aren't.)

Nobody likes to be lied to.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
There's a lot of op amps in there.

It was suspicious from the very beginning because there's no way such an amp could produce such a level of gain with 2 12AX7's AND be a class AB amp w/ a valve phase inverter.

So what Blackstar effectively did was build an overdrive pedal into the amp and put it right in front of the preamp valvs, boosting them enough to produce the amount of gain the HT5 has. So as a rebuttal, the marketing department claimed the amp was still effectively all-valve because the valves are at the end of the preamp so the harmonic content of the valves make up the vast majority of what you end up hearing.

Even though that's bullshit because the phase inverter that immediately follows it is also solid state but we'll gloss over that.
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Hmm yeah I'll try one in detail

As noted above, if YOU like it then you should consider it.

The objections raised are purely ethical.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
^ Yeah.

pretty much what everyone's said.

The other thing is that there are all-tube amps available at a similar price or even quite a bit less e.g. jet city. In europe at least, you can get the jet city 50 watt head or 50 watt 1x12 combo for less than the blackstar HT5 head or combo- even sidestepping the dodgy (in my opinion) advertising, a 50 watt amp is just going to be a lot more useful than a 5 watt amp, even if the 5 watter is genuinely all-valve (at least if you're after higher gain preamp-based tones, which you probably are if you're looking at the HT5).

of course whether you prefer their tone or not is the thing.
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I had an HT-5 head for years and a couple of combos, and found them be quite a nice little amp to have around, if you like the tone I would seriously consider it, a few things to note from my experiences.

- 5W is still really loud, don't but this thinking you can crank it in your bedroom - but not to worry, thats what volume knobs are for and this amp does sound good at lower volumes - in fact I would say it probably sounds best at lower to mid volume then fully cranked.
- the heads are built better than the combos (in my experience) all the combos has a slight hum that none of the heads I owned or tried in the same setup had.
- combos can definitely benefit from a speaker upgrade, I swapped the speaker in a combo for a Celestion EVH - which I believe is a rebranded Heritage G12Ms - made the amp sound 100% better, simply amazing.

- can be a little sterile (flat) sounding, throw a KLON clone in front on light gain to add a bit of life to it
- good platform for pedals up front or in the FX loop
- because of the 5W the headroom can leave you wanting, it does have an emulated cab output for plugging directly into a PA but if you need pristine-clean from the amp at higher volumes you might be disappointed

- tons of dirt on tap - but turning it up too much makes the tone mushy
- a TS pedal setup to boost with the gain around noon will get you metal and not be too sloppy
- gain channel is pretty much nothing or metal/hard rock - meaning the gain goes into metal territory very fast, I have heard that changing the 12AX7 for a 12AT7 allows you to still hit the metal but gives you a lot more useable gain range allowing for blues and rock dirt as well.

just some things to help inform you if you're seriously looking.