I've somehow been roped into performing three songs at my aunt and uncle's 40th wedding anniversary. The audience are going to be 60+. There'll also be the younger generation of course, mainly around 25-35.

I need songs that everyone can enjoy (ie. crowd pleasers), that I can also be performed with one guitar. I suppose I could use a backing track, but I'd rather not...

The tricky part is I've never sung before really... I guess I can kinda sing-ish... I'd be embarrassed tbh but I'll try and gather the balls to do so. Here is a practise of the song so you can judge for yourselves whether I should or shouldn't sing (only had a couple practise goes, not too familiar with the lyrics so be kind)

I've chosen the first of the three songs: Van Morrison - Brown Eye'd Girl. I've arranged an acoustic guitar part for it.
More in that vein would be great.

FYI I can also play the banjo, bass guitar, piano (though there won't be a piano there) in case that comes into it... I was actually thinking of doing some kind of musical comedy, (eg the 4 chord song, or something Bill Bailey-esque) but that seems like way more effort and I only have 1 weekend to prepare.
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What about some of the folk-y Eagles songs like Tequila Sunrise or Take It Easy? Pretty straightforward to sound good with one guitar and a singer. In general, I would say that songs that most of the people know will probably go over best - you know your relatives so I'd try to work with that.
Thanks for the suggestions.

I asked my friend DW (another UGer, through private message, who performs a lot.) He gave some good suggestions too (Burning Love, and Higher & Higher).

I have backed out of doing this performance though. Logistically too awkward to get my gear to my aunt and uncle's, and also my aunt's now hired a performer anyway.

BUT I think I'm going to practise getting these songs to a good busking level, so I can have them in my arsenal should the occasion ever come up again.