I have the Blackstar FLY3, to be honest its cool but its very much a niche amp for me. Its the amp i take out of town or when I go traveling/camping, pretty much when I want to get practice in but I won't be playing for anyone. Its gets decent tones, but I also have low expectations for it. I just need it to work and be easy to transport/setup. Paired with a mp3 player it makes for a great practice tool on the fly. <--- see what i did thar

I've played around with the Cube Street EX, seems great for cleans. Didn't like the built in effects for heavy sounds too much. But its pretty bad ass for being so small and easy to transport. Huge step up from the fly, whole different world. I imagine the cheaper cubes would be similar in nature with less options and head room.
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Do you actually need another amp or would headphones and a modeler suffice?
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I think the street is a much bigger more expensive amp than the micro cube. Maybe they sound similar..

As far as NEED... not really. I dislike headphones though. Always tangled up. I was considering getting wireless for the guitar to get rid of cords lol.

The problem with using wireless in that fashion is that it doesn't get rid of cords, it adds them.

Think about it, right now it's one cord from the guitar to the amp. Period.

With wireless you will have a cord from the guitar to the transmitter, then you'll need someplace to hold/tape/set the transmitter, then the receiver goes on or near the amp and then yet another cord to go from the receiver to the amp.

Oh, don't forget you'll need batteries for the transmitter and another power cord/wall wart for the receiver.

For home use a wireless system is an exercise in unnecessary complexity.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
Very good point. Is there a good solution to plugging headphones more directly into the guitar? I've seen some cheapie systems available.. but doubted their quality.
Iv'e begun to love these micro 9v amps. If you cut the speaker wires and connect them to some quality speakers they sound alright. A custom made 112 or 2o6 makes them sound like actual amps and you can even hook them to a home stereo speaker, assuming the ohms are a match.
I own the Micro Cube and like it. It sounds surprisingly good for a dinky little thing. A useful practice tool that can be found used for around $60 US.
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My travel amps are two amps I bought new back in the mid 90's, and Peavey Rage 158 and Peavey Bandit 112. I think the Bandit is a little on the large size for what you want, but the Rage would be perfect. 15watts, plenty loud, has a decent distortion channel and cleans are nice, but not soft/warm like a Fender. I love this amp for travel and never use it for anything else. Throw a couple of your favorite effects pedals in front of it and you've got yourself an awesome little amp. Is it the best amp ever? Hell no, but its quality USA made (the old ones) and does the job. You can still find the old Rage 158's all over used and they go for next to nothing. You want to get yourself a nice Silver Stripe version if you decide to go this path. They also are headphone friendly.

This one's pretty beat up, but for an example: