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Just wanted some feedback on the mix before I show it to other people (eh let's be honest you guys are my biggest audience). Just got over my tendonitis so was able to record some guitars. Still searching for that ultra crushing sound and smooth leads and I feel I am pretty close.

Some points to make:

-I think the bass might be too loud or too 'bassy.' This is my most concern about this song.

-The left and right lead melodies might need slight adjusting cause of the nature of the notes played on the fretboard.

-Do the lead frequencies sound ok without being too harsh on the ears?

-Oh and I know there is a click at the very beginning... I usually edit it out but I will do that later.

Overall pretty happy with the song just those nitpicky things I mentioned above. It's gotta be perfect dammit... or close to perfect.

c4c if you want.
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Thanks for reviewing my blues track. This track is very good. The only thing I don't like is the vocals. The mix is good but some of the leads are a bit too piercing. Really good lead guitar playing. I would just work on getting the levels of the leads right and I would scrap the vocals. Other than that its close to perfect.
Nice intro with the synth and that heavy guitar riff!
I don't think the bass is too loud, but maybe a bit too bassy.
Cool guitar harmonies, and nice guitar solo! Well played, sir. Liked the rundown at 2:39 as well.
Yeah, really power metal feeling at 3:16! Not a fan of the outro vocals though. Sounds a bit out of pitch. Maybe you should put they a bit more back in the mix.

All in all, good job man!

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The opening synth is pretty cool sounding. Like the melody that follows with the weird key thingy. A lot of synths before the song picks up but it still stays captivating and interesting. THe mix is very bass heavy and the bass and guitars sorta mesh together. The drums just kicked in, and even though its a cool ass riff it's sorta muffled by the extremely bassy, loud sounding drums. It's almost hurting my ears. But it's all good because this stuff is totally in your control, just pay attention to the bass in the mix for the future. Your ability to write and record is all really good. Vocals are sorta rough sounding but it works. You have a good song here! Just the production may need some working but all of it can be easily fixed. Nice work!

I'd appreciate it if you checked out my song, it's metal but in a different vein. It's sorta catchy and whatever, feel free to give me constructive feedback! Thank you, I'd appreciate it:
I am listening on Sony headphones that somewhat emphasize bass and higher frequencies. In my opinion the bass frequencies are a little loud, though it seemed more prominent towards the beginning. Or my ears got used to it......no, I listened again a few times & it seems louder at the beginning. I give you credit for recording vocals, because you earlier were not super confident about your vocals (not like I'm that confident about my vocals), and I encouraged you to give it a shot. Though I pretty much always prefer melodic vocals, so I'll comment on the "less angry vocals" (though the angry ones aren't bad for the style). I like the Johnny Rotten/Lydon style, though they sound rather pitchy at times. I recommend Melodyne. The vocals help in making the instrumental seem less repetitive, not that the instrumental is that repetitive. Towards the beginning, instrumentally it reminds me of Depeche Mode, which is a good thing for me. Guitar playing is tight timing-wise, good guitar tone. Guitar playing is impressive, though a bit of the string bending is a bit off key (~2:22) to my ears (Melodyne can help here too on the single notes if you don't have delay on the guitar during pitch correction). Synths are good. Overall, in my opinion you have less high frequencies than in the past, and I think that is good. Please review my music at this link:

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Good intro and addictive drums! I like the sound of the lead guitar. It's clear and good sounding. Vocals are good and really dark, perfectly fit to this song. Only bad thing, in my opinion is the lyric. It's too simply, I would want to hear more words 0:49 - 0:55 is the best part for me for sure . I like the (piano?) in the background. Thank you for following you, I did as well.